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Why You Should Choose Educate & Empower Now As Your Support:


Is your child falling behind since COVID-19 changed the way learning takes place? Are you frustrated with virtual learning and giving your child the support they need? 

Let professionals assist and support you during this time. 

The schools across the national have given some options to parents in order to best protect each child and family. If you are considering the virtual options please consider our services to help your child make academic gains and allow us to support your child in developing skills to be successful in other areas of life as well.

Make the investment in your child today and know that we were doing everything you can to help your child is safe and successful. 


What We Offer: 

Certified Teachers & Tutors Providing:

  • 1-on-1 teaching customized to each child's individualized needs

  • Teaching of all courses through virtual instruction with individualized remediation/enrichment as needed 

  • Individualized Tutoring

  • College Prep: ACT and SAT prep, individual course remediation

  • Accountability coaching -Check in with students teach self advocacy skills

  • Social emotional learning Support

  • Special education services available which would be individualized based on student IEP. 

    • IEP services provided for parents to assist with upcoming IEP meetings and being an advocate for their child


How can we help is your child struggling in reading? Is your child struggling in math? Is your child struggling with organization and south advocacy skills? Is your child struggling with relationships and behaviors?

We can help with all of these areas. Your child is the focus and services will be individualized to meet their needs.  

I understand the pressures of parents trying to teach their children and it can be so much more successful having an outside source/an expert in the field teach your child. It does not diminish your abilities or importance as a parents but instead takes the pressure off of you. 

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